Shooting Stars

I saw a shooting star the other night even though I wasn’t aware of any meteor showers. Luckily I was on the phone with a friend whom I interrupted with a happy yelp when I saw the star shoot across the sky.

As always, I shared my wish (wish upon a star) and we were quiet for a moment before returning to our conversation. But I have to tell you how much I love seeing shooting stars!!! I really, really do!

I sit bundled up on chilly nights on my front porch and watch the night sky for a few minutes. It’s become a nightly ritual, especially if I already know that there’s a chance of shooting stars! There’s just something magical about them to me. I can’t explain it more than that, but I get such a whoosh of joy when I catch one crossing the night sky.

Last night I saw 8 shooting stars! Now it was a night of meteor showers so it makes sense. It’s the first time I actually saw more than 2 in one night!! I love how they are all so different and I am so gleeful when I see them! I was on the phone with the same friend and urged her to go outside. Well, when she did, she saw the 9th one! It was her first and I was so grateful to have been there with her as she saw it!

It made sense to her why I am always so joyful when I see a shooting star. There’s something magical about that moment in time. I can’t explain it. It just is.

Have you ever seen a shooting star? Do you feel like it’s a special moment too?

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